Why Choose Us

Traditional law firms charge upwards of $650/hour and have multiple attorneys that specialize in different areas of the law: FDA/FTC Regulatory Compliance, Intellectual Property, Contracts, Marketing, Litigation, etc.

Hourly billing plus multiple attorneys working at a traditional law firm add up to HUGE legal expense on a monthly basis that most brands cannot afford.

Fitness Lawyer® is not your traditional law firm.

No Hourly Billing

Fixed rates, cost-effective services and result-oriented representation.

No Charge for Email, Texts or Phone Calls

Get in touch with us at any time at no additional costs.

24/7 Counseling Services

We offer round the clock access to specialized dietary supplement legal counsel.

About Charles C. Weller

Charles C. WellerOur founder, Charles C. Weller is an experienced attorney with a 20-year background of representing dietary supplement brands across the country.  Known as the Fitness Lawyer® in the dietary supplement and fitness industry, Mr. Weller has served as counsel to countless nutritional supplement companies to ensure their compliance with federal laws and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

Often consulted for his expertise in the fitness industry as it pertains to regulatory compliance and legal strategy, Mr. Weller has become well known as one of the nation’s leading authorities in this area.

Mr. Weller specializes in dietary supplement law and offers cost-effective and responsive legal solutions to dietary supplement brands no matter what the size or growth stage of the company.